ROC Mergers

CNY Farm Supply is the Northeast Distributor for ROC Hay Mergers!

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ROC is an Italian based company, building quality hay mergers since 1996.

Every model is based off "simplicity", specializing only in hay mergers, making it the best in the industry.


Family business, ROC is well motivated by passion and ingeniousness. ROC has considerably developed in the last years thanks to its reliability and quality, becoming well know not just in the US, but all over the world. The design, planning and fulfillment of ROC products is completely made inside the company, in order to follow the production to every detail, resulting in prestigious final product points for our professional customers requiring high reliability.

ROC products are built with the best materials now on the market, in order to guarantee high quality and long duration, such as chrome steel, stainless steel, Hardox, special plastic leagues and much more.