2016 New Holland Agriculture L218 Super Boom® Vertical Lift


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New Holland Agriculture
L218 Super Boom® Vertical Lift




Whether you need to dig, push, lift, trench, load or haul, you will get it done fast with a New Holland skid steer loaders. You get outstanding breakout force, dump height, stability, visibility and comfort.


A wide array of attachments expands the versatility of your 200 Series skid steer loader. Whatever job is on the schedule—scraping, loading, stacking, drilling, carrying, leveling and more—there’s an attachment that helps you get it done. Add the hydraulic mount plate option to make attachment changes without leaving your seat.


Connect under pressure (CUP) hydraulic fittings are standard equipment for simple hydraulic hook-up of attachments. By pushing on the fitting, you release hydraulic line pressure in both machine and attachment. (Optional high-flow auxiliaries shown).

  • Rock-Solid Stability: The long 200 Series wheelbase, combined with a low center of gravity and the correct front to rear weight distribution provides the stability to move larger loads smoothly. Operators appreciate the smooth, stable ride too.
  • Super Boom® Vertical Lift Advantage: New Holland’s patented Super Boom® vertical lift geometry provides maximum reach at the top of the lift curve, making it perfect for loading materials over the side of trucks and placing load in the center of the vehicle.
  • Work with Speed and Confidence: Comfortable operators work more efficiently and with less fatigue. Comfort is built in to 200 Series skid steer loaders with industry-leading dimensions, options and ease of operation.
  • Unmatched All-Around Visibility: Visibility is a significant advantage when you choose a New Holland skid steer. You’ll maneuver with confidence thanks to a clear view in all directions. There’s a low threshold to the front, a large window and low engine hood to the rear, large screen openings to the sides, and you can even see up to a raised loader boom thanks to the see-through area on the cab roof.
  • Superior Comfort: No matter which model you choose, you get a cab that’s one of the widest in the industry, with more head room and shoulder room. The entry foot well is flat for easy entry and exit. Ergonomically designed joystick controls come naturally to your fingertips.
  • The Controls Are Up to You: Choose control levers to match your preference—mechanical or electro-hydraulic switchable (ISO-H pattern).
  • A Clean, and Quiet Environment: The enclosed cab option adds even more comfort. A huge glass door opens wide for easy entry and exit. When closed, it provides superior visibility to all corners and creates an open, uncluttered sense of space. The cab is sealed to reduces dust infiltration, and the heater/defroster kit and optional air conditioning allow you to control the climate in any weather. Air vents are strategically located to cover operator extremities as well as defrost the door and windows. The optional heated, cloth upholstered, air-ride seat gives maximum support and eliminates fatigue. Full-covering, noise-absorbing trim leads to quiet sound levels in enclosed cabs.
  • High Performance in Demanding Conditions: New Holland skid steers are reliable workhorses that stand up to any challenge you face. Reliable engines deliver powerful performance, yet use less fuel and are easy to maintain to decrease your operating costs.
  • Clean, Fuel-Saving Power: New Tier 4 engines not only dramatically cut emissions, they provide the same power and torque as previous engines—all without increasing engine rpm—and that translates into fuel savings of at least 4%.
  • ISM Engine - Clean, Compact, Quiet and Easy to Service: The combustion chamber and injection system use fuel efficiently and deliver outstanding power rise and torque. Low emissions and an energy-saving design make these engines as friendly to the environment as they are to your budget. The rigid cylinder block, small bore dimension and multiple cylinders lead to low noise and vibration—from idling up to maximum power— for added comfort and ease for operators.
  • Responsive Hydraulics: In-line hydraulic pumps allow for fast cycle times and produce less noise and provide extra-smooth, quiet operation. Optional high-flow hydraulics on the L218 through L223 and enhanced high-flow hydraulics available on the L230 allow you to run attachments hour after hour.
  • Smooth Travel: The dual-range transmission can provide travel speeds in excess of 11 mph to save time between jobs. It is standard on the L220, L225 and L230 and an option on the L218, L221 and L223.
  • Maintenance Made Easy: When service is easy, it’s more likely to get done. That’s why New Holland makes it easy to reach all daily maintenance checkpoints by opening the rear hood and door.
  • Unrivaled Access: The convenient New Holland flip-top cab allows you to tilt the entire cab assembly forward, if necessary, for complete access to your machine components.
  • Overall operating height with foundry/excavating bucket short lip, in (mm): 150.4 (3820)
  • Overall operating height with low profile/standard lip bucket, in (mm): 154.6 (3927)
  • Overall operating height with low profile extended/long lip bucket, in (mm): 159.6 (4055)
  • Height to Bucket hinge pin, in (mm): 120 (3048)
  • Height to Top of ROPS, in (mm): 77.7 (1974)
  • Height to Bottom of level bucket, fully raised, in (mm): 113.3 (2877)
  • Overall length without attachment with coupler, in (mm): 105.7 (2697)
  • Overall length with foundry excavation bucket on ground, in (mm): 131.9 (3352)
  • Overall length with low profile bucket, in (mm): 136.1 (3456)
  • Overall length with low profile extended bucket, in (mm): 141.1 (3585)
  • Dump angle, degrees: 52
  • Dump height with foundry/excavating bucket short lip, in (mm).: 93.7 (2380)
  • Dump height with low profile/standard lip bucket, in (mm).: 90.7 (2305)
  • Dump reach (max height), in (mm): 30.8 (783)
  • Maximum attachment rollback - Bucket on ground, degrees: 35
  • Maximum attachment rollback - Bucket at full height, degrees: 88
  • Wheelbase, in (mm): 44.4 (1128)
  • Ground clearance (bottom of belly pan), in (mm): 7 (178)
  • Angle of departure, degrees: 23
  • Clearance circle without bucket, in (mm): 50.7 (1289)
  • Clearance circle with foundry bucket in carry position, in (mm): 79.6 (2021) with 66” bucket
  • Clearance circle with low profile bucket on ground, in (mm): 83.9 (2132) with 66” bucket
  • Clearance circle with extended low profile on ground, in (mm): 88.6 (2250) with 66” bucket
  • Clearance circle rear, in (mm): 62.9 (1599)
  • Rear axle to bumper, in (mm): 36.4 (924)
  • Tread width, in (mm): 53.9 (1371) with 10” x 16.5” tires
  • Overall width, in (mm): 66.1 (1678)
  • Manufacturer/model: ISM / N844LTA
  • Type: Diesel 4-stroke, Turbo, D.I.
  • Cylinder: 4
  • Bore/stroke, in (mm): 3.31 x 3.94 (84 x 100)
  • Displacement, in³ (L): 135 (2.2)
  • Fuel injection: HPCR Direct
  • Fuel: #2 diesel
  • Fuel filter: Pre-filter spin on @ 30 microns - Main-filter spin on @ 4 microns
  • Air intake: Turbocharged Aftercooled with external EGR
  • Cooling: Liquid
  • Engine speeds - High idle - no load, rpm: 2825 +/- 25
  • Engine speeds - Rated - full load, rpm: 2800
  • Engine speeds - Low idle, rpm: 1200 +/- 50
  • Horsepower per SAE J1349 - Gross hp (kW): 60 (45) @ 2800 rpm
  • Horsepower per SAE J1349 - Net hp (kW): 57 (42) @ 2800 rpm
  • Peak torque, lb-ft (N•m): 135 (183) @ 1800 rpm
Power Train
  • Drive pump mechanical - Pump to engine ratio: 1:1
  • Drive pump mechanical - Displacement, in³ (cc): 2.14 (35)
  • Drive pump mechanical - Flow at rated engine rpm @100% eff., gpm (Lpm): 25.1 (95)
  • Drive pump mechanical - Charge pressure, psi (bar): 360 (24.5 )
  • Drive pump mechanical - System relief, psi (bar): 5000 (345)
  • Drive pump mechanical - Control: Direct mechanical
  • Drive pump electro hydraulic - Pump to engine ratio: 1:1
  • Drive pump electro hydraulic - Displacement, in³ (cc): 2.14 (35)
  • Drive pump electro hydraulic - Flow, gpm (Lpm): 25.1 (95)
  • Drive pump electro hydraulic - Charge pressure, psi (bar): 362 (25)
  • Drive pump electro hydraulic - System relief, psi (bar): 5220 (360)
  • Drive pump electro hydraulic - Control: Electro hydraulic
  • Drive motors - Max displacement, in³ (cc): 19.83 (325)
  • Drive motors - Speed @ high idle engine rpm: 313
  • Drive motors - Speed @ optional high speed, rpm: 443
  • Drive motors - Torque @ max displ. and relief pressure, ft-lbs (N•m): 1315 (1783)
  • Travel speed with spec tires - Low range, mph (km/h): 7.4 (11.9)
  • Travel speed with spec tires - High range (optional), mph (km/h): 10.8 (17.4)
  • Final drive: Single-reduction chain drive
  • Drive chain Size: ASA #80
  • Axles - Diameter, in (mm): 2 (50.8)
  • Axles - Length, in (mm): 15.1 (384)
  • Parking brake - Type: Spring applied, hydraulic release disc
  • Parking brake - Engagement: Depress on/off brake button on instrument panel, disconnect lapbelt, get off seat, or stop engine
Hydraulic System
  • Pumps Type: Gear
  • Displacement standard aux., in³ (cc): 1.7 (27.8)
  • Displacement high flow aux., in³ (cc): 0.84 (13.8)
  • Pump flow, gpm (Lpm): 20.6 (78)
  • Optional high flow, gpm (Lpm): 30.7 (116.2)
  • Loader control valve type: 3 spool / open center / series
  • Loader control valve Relief pressure, psi (bar): 3046 (210)
  • Hydraulic filter: 4 microns / spin on
  • Lift cylinder - Bore diameter, in (mm): 2.25 (57)
  • Lift cylinder - Rod diameter, in (mm): 1.38 (34.9)
  • Lift cylinder - Stroke, in (mm): 26.8 (681)
  • Lift cylinder - Closed length, in (mm): 38.7 (982)
  • Bucket cylinders - Bore diameter, in (mm): 2.5 (63.5)
  • Bucket cylinders - Rod diameter, in (mm): 1.38 (34.9)
  • Bucket cylinders - Stroke, in (mm): 16.1 (410)
  • Bucket cylinders - Closed length, in (mm): 24 (610)
  • Operating weight, lbs (kg): 5930 (2690)
  • Shipping weight, lbs (kg): 5630 (2550)
Service Capacities
  • Fuel tank, gal (L): 19.5 (73.8)
  • Engine oil with filter, qt (L): 7.5 (7.1)
  • Hydraulic system - System capacity with filter, qt (L): 34 (32.2)
  • Hydraulic system - Chain tanks (per side), qt (L): 7.9 (7.4)
  • Rated operating load - 50% tip, lbs (kg): 1800 (818)
  • Rated operating load - Tipping load, lbs (kg): 3600 (1633)
  • Breakout forces - Lift cylinder, lbs (kN): 2620 (11.7)
  • Breakout forces - Bucket cylinder, lbs (kN): 5550 (24.7)
  • Cycle times - Raise, sec: 2.8
  • Cycle times - Lower, sec: 2.3
  • Cycle times - Dump, sec: 2.1
  • Cycle times - Roll back, sec: 1.5



Engine Type
Diesel 4-stroke, Turbo, D.I.
Engine Manufacturer
Gross: 60 hp (45 kW); Net: 57 hp (42 kW)
Rated RPM
2800 rpm
Turbocharged Aftercooled with external EGR
Fuel Capacity
19.5 gal. (73.8 L)


SAE Rated Operating Capacity
50% Tip: 1800 lb. (818 kg); Tipping Load: 3600 lb. (1633 kg)
Max Ground Speed
10.8 mph (17.4 kph)
Without attachment, with coupler: 105.7 in. (2697 mm)
66.1 in. (1678 mm)
To top of ROPS: 77.7 in. (1974 mm); Overall operating height with low profile extended/long lip bucket: 159.6 in. (4055 mm)
Operating: 5930 lb. (2690 kg); Shipping: 5630 lb. (2550 kg)
44.4 in. (1128 mm)