2012 Massey Ferguson HD Series 2600 Utility MF 2660 HD - 81 HP


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Massey Ferguson
HD Series 2600 Utility MF 2660 HD - 81 HP



Never says never. Like you.

Whether you're a part-time farmer, rancher, livestock owner, sundowner, dairy farmer, landscaper, construction contractor or municipality, our utility tractors from 32 to 85 PTO horsepower provide ultimate performance and reliability.

• Heavy-duty design makes heavy-duty jobs a piece of cake.

• Smaller machine, 100% Massey Ferguson.

• Made for tight spots. Without cutting any corners.

Engine: Powerful Perkins 1104D-44T four-cylinder turbocharged diesel engine delivers legendary performance while meeting Tier III emission standards.

An engine you can count on – start to finish.

For more than 75 years, Perkins® engines have been recognized worldwide for their fuel efficiency, quick starting, excellent torque backup and raw lugging power. For over 50 of those years, they’ve also been a lynchpin of legendary Massey Ferguson reliability. The HD Series is powered by a Tier III Perkins 1104D-44 T 4-cylinder turbocharged diesel engine, featuring advanced design technology to deliver robust performance. The more load, the harder it works, with less shifting of gears.

• Tier III EPA emissions compliant

• 4-cylinder engine

• Turbo-Charged

• 4.4 liters

• 5-inch stroke provides higher torque specifications and a wider operating range

Transmission: Massey Ferguson HD Series tractors offer two powerful transmissions: Effortless shifting with standard 8 x 8 SynchroShuttle transmission make directional changes easy. An optional 12 x 4 Partially Synchronized transmission is ideal for applications that require more speeds, such as cutting and baling hay. New side-mounted controls are easy to reach but out of your way.

8F x 8R SynchroShuttle Transmission: Standard SynchroShuttle 8x8 offers on-the-roll shifting that allows you to get more done in your workday. Gears 1 through 4 are synchronized, as well as forward and reverse. Standard on all HD Series models.

12F x 4R Synchronized Transmission: Offering ideal speed selections for hay making and a straight, in-line shift pattern from 1st to reverse, this 12F x 4R transmission is synchronized between 2nd and 3rd gear and between slow and fast ranges. Optional on all models.

Side-mounted Transmission Controls: Off to the side and easy to reach, transmission controls are out of your way. A perfect blend of freedom and efficiency.

Dual Hydraulics: Two gear-driven hydraulic pumps ensure plenty of power. One supplies a dedicated, steady flow to steering, the other to remote hydraulic valves. With the majority of the HD series tractors performing heavy duty utility applications like heavy loader work, batwing mowing, baling and other applications where hydraulic capacity is a necessity, these utility tractors have some of the highest hydraulic flow ratings in the industry.

• An open center system with three separate hydraulic pumps working together, the operator has control over the steering, auxiliary flow, and 3 point hitch with the ingenious Ferguson hydraulic system.

• Dual Engine driven gear pumps supply the steering circuit and the auxiliary hydraulics with an ample hydraulic oil flow to accomplish difficult jobs. Maximum flow at the remotes is 14.5 gpm on the MF2660HD.

• Dedicated hydraulic steering pumps give you on-demand hydrostatic power steering.

• A high capacity auxiliary hydraulic pump services demanding applications such as loader work.

• Combining Valve standard on all models. The combining valve ‘combines’ the flow from the Ferguson 3-point hitch pump and the auxiliary hydraulic pump to increases the flow available to the auxiliary remotes or loader valve. Youll benefit from increased cycle times when doing loader work to maximize efficiency and productivity.

• One standard and three optional remote valves.

3-Point Hitch: The Ferguson 3 point hitch system is still the best way to control your 3 point hitch with unmatched accuracy. Strong 3-point linkage on every HD Series tractors boast up to 3,682 pounds of lift capacity, for optimum implement accuracy and responsive control, even with the largest implements. Over 60 years ago, Massey Ferguson (Harry Ferguson) invented the legendary 3-point hitch - which changed tractor design forever and has been copied on nearly every modern day tractor. The legendary Ferguson 3-point hitch system on the HD Series provides up to 3,682 pounds of lift capacity. With lift capacity at the hitch point of 3,291 pounds (2660 HD), you can take on any heavy duty job.

Top Link draft sensing is standard and is ideal for controlling the depth of ground engaging implements like a plow or cultivator. As the tractor starts to pull hard through tough soil, the draft sensing automatically adjusts the depth of the implement to maintain ground speed. Other features like cross drilled ball ends make hooking up to different category implements an easy task. Optional extendable lower links make hooking up to implements a fast chore.

Improved 3-point quadrant: All HD Series models showcase a new control console, featuring, among other things, enhanced control of your 3-point hitch. The clean, efficient design of the 3-point quadrant on the console works to minimize vibration noise, while allowing accuracy with ground-engaging tools by means of handy positioning and draft levers.

3 Point Hitch Pump:

• Scotch Yoke piston pump

• Located in center housing of the tractor

3 Point linkage:

• Lower links are attached ahead and below the rear axle to literally pull the front end of the tractor down for enhanced steering and traction.

• Top Link Draft Sensing allows for proper ground engagement in varying soil and terrain conditions.

Extendable Lower Links:

• Ease of three-point implement attaching

• Extendable lower links "extend" to make hooking up three-point attachments less timely.

PTO: All HD Series models come standard with Independent PTO. Many brands offer independent PTO as an upgrade. Standard on all HD Series models is an Independent PTO system. The PTO is engaged by the simple pull of a lever to make starting and stopping the PTO very easy to do on the go. What’s more, 540 or 1000 RPM at the PTO is achieved at a relatively low engine RPM which will save fuel plus wear and tear on the tractor.

Operator's Area: With a new chassis, breakthrough styling, a fresh new color scheme, and an enhanced platform layout with more ergonomics for creature comfort, choose from Platform, Cab, and Low Profile versions. Over time, you do a lot of living on your tractor. So we believe an HD Series utility tractor should be a place where you’ll feel right at home.

• A quieter engine, a quieter muffler, and a quieter ride.

• We’ve re-engineered our utility tractor to go easier on the ears and reward you with quiet satisfaction at the end of the day.

• Enhanced platform layout

• We’ve made the HD Series morecomfortable by moving shift levers to the side and out of your way, putting controls where your hands want to go and by providing you with picture window visibility.

• Thicker floor mat

• While our platform itself is smoother and flatter overall, it also features a new mat that incorporates an extra layer of shock absorption, helping dampen vibration, noise and significantly reduce operator fatigue.

• New rounded rear fenders

• A perfect example of form following function, our new rounded rear fenders are designed to look good. But they look even better when you see how much better they are at “fending” off the splatter of mud and manure. (Low-profile models feature the clamshell design.)

• A more comfortable seat

• To round things out, our new, improved seat offers more cushioning, plus weight adjustment and fore and aft height adjustment, with armrests

Serviceability: As the heaviest and most stable tractor in its class, you’ll benefit from long term honest dependability. For regular maintenance, however, a one-piece flip up all-steel hood allows convenient access to all routine maintenance and service points. Because the HD Series is the heaviest in its class, it’s also the most solid, the most stable, and the one utility tractor that resists wear-out longer than all the rest. But when regular maintenance is required, you’ll find we’ve made that easier than ever too, with features like these:

• One piece, EZLift all-steel hood

• Same-side service points

• Fewer grease zerks

• Maintenance-free battery

• Engine oil can be checked without lifting the hood.

Routine maintenance has never been easier. The newly designed hood flips up and out of the way to make checking the engine oil, cleaning the air cleaner, or any other regular maintenance items a breeze. Two gas struts hold the hood up and out of the way so servicing the tractor is a quick and easy task. To keep your tractor running right, there’s an easyaccess, two-stage air cleaner with pre-cleaner and dust discharge. To save you steps, the engine oil dipstick, filter and fill are all conveniently located on the same side of the engine. Our EZLift, tilt-up hood means no heavy lifting or clumsy metal panels to remove.

Loaders: Three loader options, each custom- designed for the HD series utility tractors so that they work as an integral unit. Massey Ferguson loaders are custom-designed to specifically match our tractors so they work as an integral unit.

• Pedestal mount Quick Disconnect Loader with park stands for easy removal and installation

• Amplifier links for improved dump and curl angles

• Joystick control with mid-mounted couplers

• Bucket-level indicators

• Optional Skid Steer attachments mounting capability

• Easy access to all service points on the tractor and loader

With additional features dependent on model.

Accessories: Customize your tractor with auxiliary hydraulic valves, extendible lower links, horizontal exhaust, or a variety of other accessories to best suit your needs. Whether it’s the extendable lower links to make hooking up to 3-point implements easier or front weights to ballast the tractor, accessories and front mounted implements will allow you to fit the tractor to your specific needs.

Rotary Cutters: With a cutting width of 72 inches (182.9 cm) these mowers are well-suited for pastures, overgrown fields and other demanding jobs.

Grader Blades: Great for leveling a work site, grading a gravel driveway or manhandling dirt, sand or snow, these medium-duty blades are available from 84 to 96 inches wide (213.4 to 248 cm).

Box Blades: Move mountains of dirt, gravel, sand or snow with these durable box blades in working widths from 72 to 84 inches (182.9 to 213.4 cm).

Other options and accessories include:

• Post-hole digger

• Rotary tiller

• Canopy

• Front weights

• Rear wheel weights

• Extendable lower links

• Spool valves

• Grille guard

  • Engine HP (kW) @ rated engine rpm: 81 (60.4) @ 2,200
  • PTO HP @ rated engine rpm: 70 (52.2) @ 2,200
  • Perkins engine model: 1104D-44T
  • Cylinders and aspiration: 4 - Turbocharged
  • Total displacement: in.3 (liters): 269 (4.4)
  • Fuel tank: US gal (liters): 26.5 (100)
  • Clutch: Dry single disc
  • Diameter: in. (mm): 12 (305)
  • Type standard: 8F x 8R Shuttle
  • Type optional: 12F x 4R
Brakes & Final Drives
  • Brakes: Hydraulic actuated wet disc
  • Final drives: Planetary
PTO Type
  • Type standard: Independent 540 rpm
  • System type: Open center
  • Pump type: Ferguson & Gear
  • Total flow: gpm (l/min): 22.5 (85.2)
  • Combining valve: Standard
  • Max flow @ remotes: gpm (l/min): 14.5 (54.9)
  • Remote valves: 1 std. / 3 opt.
Three-Point Hitch
  • ASAE category: II
  • Extendable lower links: Optional
  • Stabilizers: Telescopic
  • Lift capacity @ 24" (610 mm): lb (kg): 3,391 (1,538)
Weight & Dimensions
  • Rear tire used for measurement:: 16.9-30 R1
  • Wheelbase: in. (mm) 2/4WD: 90.0 (2,285)
  • Overall length: in. (mm) 2/4WD: 155.0 (3,935)
  • Min. overall width: in. (mm): 79.1 (2,010)
  • Height top of ROPS: in. (mm): 101.4 (2,575)
  • Height top of cab: in. (mm): 105.1 (2,670)
  • Ground clearance @ drawbar: in. (mm): 14.8 (375)
  • 2WD platform approx. shipping weight: lb. (kg): 5,578 (2,530)
  • 4WD platform approx. shipping weight: lb. (kg): 6,305 (2,860)
  • 2WD cab approx. shipping weight: lb. (kg): 6,592 (2,990)
  • 4WD cab approx. shipping weight: lb. (kg): 7,319 (3,320)
Tire sizes will vary dimensions & weights



Engine Manufacturer
Engine Type
1104D-44T, 4 cylinder, Turbocharged
81 hp (60.4 kW)
70 hp (52.2 kW)
Rated RPM
2,200 rpm
Bore and Stroke
4.1 x 5 in.


90.0 in. (2,285 mm)
Top of ROPS: 101.4 in. (2,575 mm); Top of Cab: 105.1 in. (2,670 mm)
Minimum: 79.1 in. (2,010 mm)
2WD Platform: 5,578 in. (2,530 mm); 2WD Cab: 6,592 in. (2,990 mm); 4WD Platform: 6,305 in. (2,860 mm); 4WD Cab: 7,319 in. (3,320 mm)
Ground Clearance
14.8 in. (375 mm)


Fuel Capacity
26.5 gal. (100 L)
Standard: 8F x 8R Shuttle; Optional: 12F x 4R
Hydraulic actuated wet disc
Type: Open center; Total Flow: 22.5 gpm (85.2 L/min.)
Drive Type