2009 Massey Ferguson 1533 4WD Platform/Cab; Compact Tractor


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Massey Ferguson
1533 4WD Platform/Cab; Compact Tractor



Engine: Tier II emissions compliant, provide the 1500 Series with an engine that is safe for the environment and tractors with more power at lower engine speeds. Transmission: When it comes to transmissions, we have you covered. Whether you are in the market for a simplistic gear model or looking for that state of the art option, the 1500 Series is sure to have what you are looking for. 8x8 SynchroShuttle: As the base transmission in the 1529 and an optional transmission in the 1532 model the 8x8 SynchroShuttle transmission provides you with 8 forward speeds and 8 reverse speeds. The shuttle lever is located on the left side of the dash within easy reach of the operator. Directional changes can be accomplished by depressing the clutch and moving the shuttle lever to the desired direction of travel, the tractor does not have to come to a stop. This is an economical transmission with exceptional performance, perfect for almost any job. With smooth operation like this, you would expect to pay much more. 12x12 PowerShuttle: A step up from the SynchroShuttle the 12x12 PowerShuttle provides 12 forward speeds and 12 reverse speeds. With four speeds below 1 mph this transmission is great for jobs such as core aeration or any other job that requires very slow constant speeds. The shuttle lever can be actuated without removing your left hand from the steering wheel making this transmission a great choice for loader work. To change the direction of travel simply slow the engine and move the shuttle lever to the desired direction of travel. A wet clutch, which has excellent durability characteristics, is used to control the shuttle shifts and provides long life.  3 Range Hydrostatic: Easy to operate and unmatched performance are what you will get with the new hydrostatic transmission available in the 1533, 1540 and 1547. Separate forward and reverse pedals are placed so there is plenty of room to rest your foot you have precise control of speed and travel direction. And the new engine acceleration feature makes this tractor even easier to operate since the HST pedal also controls engine speed. As you push on the forward/reverse pedal the engine will speed up and then slow down when you begin to let up making this transmission operate like car with an automatic transmission. You can also use the hand throttle to set the speed when you need it to stay constant for operations using the PTO or other operations requiring a constant engine speed. Easy to operate and long lasting this transmission is a great choice for lawn care, landscaping work or any job where you need to change the direction of travel and travel speed regularly.  Hydraulics: Increased pressure and oil flow on the 1500 Series tractors mean you can lift more faster with your front loader...getting more work done in less time! Pedestal Mounted Joystick: Economical and easy to use while providing smooth operation of your loader or other hydraulic controlled implements. Couplers mounted either on the top (1523, 1528, 1529 & 1531) or on the front (1529, 1532, 1533, 1540, 1547, 1552 & 1560) of the valves make it easy to remove and install implements. Factory Joystick: Easy to use and precise control makes the factory joystick option the perfect choice for loader control. A factory installed joystick with mid mounted couplers makes loader control and installation a snap. Couplers are located just under the right front side of the platform, making them easy to get to. To connect the hydraulic hoses, simply push the hose ends into the couplers until they lock and to disconnect simply pull straight out of the hose. Auxiliary Remotes: Need additional hydraulics? Two optional dealer installed auxiliary valves with rear couplers are available, each with a single control lever located in the right control console within easy reach of the operator. 3 Point Hitch: A standard Category I three point hitch allows you to use one of the many implements offered to you by Massey Ferguson. The 1500 series helps you take on even more tasks; from box blading to tilling to clipping the pasture with a rotary cutter, just to name a few. A clear line of sight from the operator station to the rear of the tractor allows you to see clearly what your implement is doing. Now that you can see the implement you need precise control of it, which Massey Ferguson has provided with the smooth operating position control lever located just to the right of the operator. You can control the speed at which the hitch lowers by turning the rate of drop control knob located below the seat (under the seat on the 1523). When you are not using the hitch or if you are transporting an implement, the rate of drop knob can be turned all the way to the lock position to act as a safety device to keep the hitch from moving unexpectedly. Just another way Massey Ferguson helps keep you safe. Changing implements is made easy with the turnbuckle stabilizers (1523, 1528, 1529 & 1532) or the telescopic bar stabilizers (1531, 1533, 1540, 1547 & 1552) that allow the draft links to swing out wide to put the implement on and then can be pinned to control the side to side sway while working. PTO: The 540 RPM rear PTO makes operating implements such as a tiller, rotary cutter, finish mower and a multitude of other implements a simple task. An electro-hydraulic independent PTO is used on all models except for the 1523 gear and the 1528 gear tractors. The 1523 gear uses a transmission driven PTO while the 1528 gear uses a live PTO with a two stage clutch. Independent PTO: Simply push and turn the yellow knob on the right side of the dash and the PTO will slowly engage. If the engagement is too aggressive the modulation button to the left of the PTO control can be pushed (light will come on to indicate engagement) which will make the PTO engage even slower (1533, 1540, 1547, 1552 & 1560 models only).To turn the PTO off, simply push the yellow button/knob. Operator's Area Platform: Operator comfort and convenience was a top priority when designing the Massey Ferguson 1500 series tractors. We want you, the customer, to enjoy the experience of owning and operating a Massey Ferguson tractor, so we placed all of the controls right where you would expect to find them and mounted the platform on rubber mounts so when the tractor vibrates, you don't. Tilt steering makes room for a wide entry/exit area and then allows you to place it where you want it while operating the tractor. Operator's Area (Cab): Whether cold or heat you can now escape from the elements and continue to get all of your work done from the quiet comfort of a factory-installed cab. With heating, air-conditioning, and a spacious interior you will forget you are in the cab of a compact tractor. Rear view mirrors - With the left & right mirror as standard equipment (2006 production models) you can keep your eyes on what is ahead and see what is going on behind you. Lighting package - Providing excellent visibility in the front and rear of the tractor are two headlights in the grill and as well as two front work lights on the roof of the cab with another pair of lights on the rear of the cab. Front & rear wiper/washer - Rain or shine you can get your work done with ease with the help of a front & rear wiper with washer fluid (2006 production models). A/C & Heating controls - Easy to reach controls allow you to adjust the temperature inside to suite you. Keeping you cool in the heat of the summer and warm in the dead of winter. Digital instrument panel - An easy to read message center that lets you know the status of the main operating systems of your tractor. Serviceability: Nobody wants to do it, but we all know we should. So Massey Ferguson designed a tractor that makes it easy. To check the engine oil, something you should do every time you start your tractor, all you have to do is pull the dipstick. No need to raise the hood, we put a small cutout in the side panel and made the dipstick handle yellow so that it is easy to find. To check the coolant level simply raise the hood and look to see if the coolant is at the full line marked on the tank. If the lights are left on and the battery goes out, the battery is right in front so that a boost is no big deal. Filling the tractor with fuel is easier than ever. A 10.6 gallon fuel tank is located just in front of the dash under the hood with a flip up door to provide easy access and a large plastic fuel cap. You also have the option to take the panels off of each side, which gives you unobstructed access to both sides of the engine. Checking the hydraulic oil level is as simple as looking at the site glass located on the left rear side of the final drive. Massey Ferguson had the operator in mind when we introduced the hydraulic oil fill pipe extension for easier ability to add oil. Tires: R1 Ag tires are the most aggressive and are best suited for work where superior traction is of most concern. R3 Turf tires are the least aggressive and best suited for lawn maintenance or other jobs where minimal ground disturbance is a must. R4 Industrial tires fall somewhere in between the turf and ag tires as far as aggressiveness. These tires are the most versatile and rugged tires offered. LSW Golf Course tires are specially designed for use on turf. They have very shallow and wide lugs and the tires have an extra wide overall width so that there is very minimal ground disturbance.  Weights: Rear wheel weights can be added to counterbalance the tractor for loader work. Available for the R1 ag, R4 industrial and standard R3 turf tires. Front suit case weights are also available to counterbalance three point hitch implements A new molded rubber floor mat provides sure traction and helps reduce vibration that could be transferred to the operator while giving the tractor a finished look. Looking at the instrument panel, you might think you are in your car. An easy to read fuel gauge, temperature gauge and tachometer keep you informed of the tractor performance. Warning lights located across the top of the instrument panel let you know when there is something that needs to be addressed. Other indicators include the glow plug indicator.  This lets you know that the glow plugs are warming the engine to improve starting in cold weather. The first position clockwise on the key switch turns the glow plugs on. Also included in the light bar is the PTO engagement light to remind you that the PTO is engaged in an effort to keep you safe. Other safety features include an operator presence system that will shut off the engine if the operator tries to leave the seat with the tractor in gear or the PTO engaged. A folding ROPS and retractable seat belt are standard to ensure your safety in the unfortunate incident of a rollover.

    • Gross engine HP: 33 hp
    • PTO HP (gear/hst): 26.5/24.5 hp
    • Rated engine speed: 2600 rpm
    • Type: 3-cylinder diesel
    • Displacement: 91.4 cu. in. (1498 cc)
    • Cooling system: Liquid cooled
    • Fuel tank capacity: 10.6 gal. (40 l)
    Transmission Options
    • SynchroShuttle: 8Fx8R (platform only)
    • PowerShuttle: 12Fx12R
    • Hydrostatic w/Cruise: 3 range (platform only)
    • Rear brakes: Wet disc
    • Rear PTO type (Gear/HST): Ind. 540 RPM
    • Control (Gear/HST): Mech/electro-hydraulic
    • Mid PTO type: 2000 rpm (Optional)
    • Type of system: Open center
    • Flow at remotes: 9.1 gpm (34.4 l/min)
    • Pwr steering flow (SS; HST/PS): 4.9 gpm (18.5 l/min)/6 gpm (22.7 l/min)
    • Total flow: 14 gpm (52.9 l/min) /15.1 gpm (57 l/min)
    • Factory-installed joystick: Optional
    • Rear auxiliary remotes: 2 spool (optional)
    3-point Hitch
    • ASAE hitch: Cat. I
    • Controls: Position
    • Rate of drop control: Standard
    • Lift capacity @ hitch point: 2800 lbs. (1270 kg)
    • Type of stabilizers: Telescopic bar
    • Type of link ends: Telescopic
    Operator Area
    • Platform type: Semi-flat isolated
    • ROPS: Folding
    • Seat type: Suspended
    • Seat belt type: Retractable
    • Hood type: Flip up
    Dimensions (With AG tires)
    • Overall length: 121 in. (3070 mm)
    • Minimum overall width: 62 in. (1565 mm)
    • Maximum height over ROPS: 87.4 in. (2220 mm)
    • Ground clearance: 14 in. (360 mm)
    • Wheelbase: 70 in. (1770 mm)
    • Shipping weight (Platform/Cab): 3025 lbs. (1375 kg)/3384 lbs. (1535 kg)
    Optional Implements
    • Loaders
    • Backhoes
    • Landscape Rakes
    • Box Blades
    • Grader Blades
    • Post Hole Digger
    • Mid-Mount Mower
    • Rear-Mount Mower
    • Turf Flex Finish Mower
    • Rotary Cutter
    • Rotary Flex Cutter
    • Rotary Tiller
    • Dozer Blade
    • Snow Blower
    • Rotary Broom



    Engine Type
    3-Cylinder; Liquid Cooled, Diesel
    33 hp
    PTO HP
    gear/hst: 26.5/24.5 hp
    Rated RPM
    2600 rpm


    70 in. (1770 mm)
    87.4 in. (2220 mm)
    Minimum overall width: 62 in. (1565 mm)
    Shipping weight (Platform/Cab): 3025 lbs. (1375 kg)/3384 lbs. (1535 kg)
    Ground Clearance
    14 in. (360 mm)


    Fuel Capacity
    10.6 gal. (40 l)
    SynchroShuttle: 8Fx8R (platform only) or PowerShuttle: 12Fx12R or Hydrostatic w/Cruise: 3 range (platform only)
    Wet Disc
    Open Center
    Drive Type